Maybe tonight we'll start all over, like its the first day of our lives. Right here and now no second chances, maybe we'll finally get it right. +

So, since I’m so close to my first thousand followers and I’m really excited I decided to do a follow forever. I made a post, checked out blogs and I decided to go through all of the people I’m following and find my absolute favorites. I love you guys so much and thank you for making my dash funny and amazing. If we’ve talked before it means a lot to me and I love you guys so much. 


adoresrauhls, alfredoflowers, ariahnas, badbieber, beliebrs, bbiebas, biebermiracle, biebersofficial, biebersroses, bieberspires, bieberthecanadian, bieberyourballs, blowingjerry, bodyrockks, bringthesuns, brotherbieber, chazsomeers, chuztin, creepingjustin,  ddrews, destinyrauhl, dopedrews, drewbieb, drewsmccan, 


eeniesmeenie, falsetos, fristollg, hairsflip, gexwy, heytherebiebs, honestbieber, 


imsodonewithjustinbieber,iustinbiebers, jbiebrauhlin, jistins, justinsarms,

justinswarrior, justinos, justinsbenson, justinsbibers, kennyhamltonskidrauhlhood, kinkydrews, letheskyfalls, lilzanal, lustingforjustin


march1st, mileyclrus, morningsuns, niggahwolf, nothniglikeus, ofatlantas, ohmrbieber, ontariosbeliebers, ontarioboy, playsforaminute, powerbieb


rauhlettes, recklessjustin, reflectyourlights, ryanbutlrs, runawaylovx, runawaylowe, simplykidrauhl, sexybieb, somesbodytolove, smokingweedwithjustinbieber, sodistantnow, speakingtonguesspittingwithjustinbieber, startfordsjb, strattyford, strengthofourloves, suckingdickswithjustinbieber, talktoyous, takeyou, thekingofstratford, therauhls, twerkferbieber, 


waitonyouforevers, wontforgets, wrekingball, 


yesdrew, yourbodyrock, zoellas,

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